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WHY go IT ALONE WHEN together, we can reach 5,237 businesses that meet your criteria?


I'll get straight to the point since I have so much to share.

Long story short:

Republic of Change connects sustainable businesses with people who want to make better choices. We believe climate change is humanity's greatest challenge and want to empower people and businesses to do their share.

In the past 24 months, we've on-boarded 614 businesses, some with difficulty. As you know, small businesses get pitched daily for memberships, advertising and other services. It's easy for them to tune out, making it challenging to get their attention.

Here's what I want to share with you: 

Through our experience, we've come up with a set of tactics that have been working extremely well to get businesses on board. We're about to amplify our efforts and we have room for four partners. If it makes sense to you, you could participate.

Next week, we're going to reach out to 5,237 highly targeted businesses that we carefully handpicked over the past few months at great effort and expense.

These are businesses that we've confirmed a) have a clear concern for the environment, b) have a clear concern for people's health and welfare and c) demonstrate it with their actions, affiliations and support for charity. 


Rather than sell them a membership, we're going to invite them to be part of a movement to create a more sustainable world.


That's not rhetoric. We're about to launch a global campaign bringing together celebrities, tens of thousands of people (possibly six figures) and hundreds of businesses (possibly over a thousand) to plant 1,000,000 trees in 30 days.

We want to send out a loud message across the world that we, the people, can come together and create a more sustainable planet. That's the spirit of the campaign.

We have an extensive plan to publicize, advertise, engage influencers and mobilize our community through social media to let the world know about it.

He're how our heavy lifting, can mean more members for you:

Our campaign is premised on the idea that, together, we can achieve far more than by going it alone. In true form, we've opened four spots for partners that can tap into our list to increase their membership through third-party advocacy.

Specifically, here's how you could benefit:

1. First, we'll mention your brand in our email communication to all 5,237 businesses

We'll weave your brand into our communication in a complimentary way.

2. Then, we'll add your logo on the campaign page with 900,000+ projected visitors

Visitors include celebrities, businesses and individuals concerned about climate change.

3. Then, we'll profile your brand to our 36,000 followers on social

Our social media channels will be in high gear throughout the campaign. 

4. Then, we'll feature your brand in an article about world-changing organizations 

We'll publish it on Medium and syndicate it to our media contacts.

5. Finally, we'll email the 5,237 businesses and tell them why they should join you

We'll reach out post campaign and pitch your organization exclusively.


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

— Ryunosuke Satoro


We're making history with the first campaign of its kind. Historically, campaigns similar to ours have not been successful a second time around so this is a one-time opportunity.

You will receive 900,000+ impressions by like-mined people, repeat impressions to 5,237 businesses that meet your criteria for membership and referrals that could more than cover the cost of your $2,500 investment.

We have four spots only. First come, first served. Invitation only for exemplary sustainability leaders only. But time is sensitive. We're sending out the first email next week. Let's schedule a call today so we can determine if there is a mutual fit.



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