We're uniting people and organizations to take on climate change by reforesting the world.
Help us get the word out before our campaign ends December 5?


What YOu get

01. donation

You will receive 10% of all pledges you refer donated back to you.

02. recognition

You will be recognized and thanked publicly on our website. 

03. profile

Your organization will be introduced to our 60k+ followers on social media.


it's super easy

01. get tracking link

Keep track of your referrals and the donation amount you've earned.

02. copy content

Copy our email templates, Facebook posts and tweets - nothing to draft. 

03. share it

Email it, feature it on your newsletter, post it on Facebook or tweet about it.




how do you calculate the 10% donation?

With the Indiegogo's tracking link that you'll create. You can track who pledged and how much. We'll take 10% of the total pledges referred by you and donate that back to you.

When will we receive your donation?

No later than January 8, 2016, after we've received the campaign funds from Indiegogo.

what will the recognition on your website look like?

We'll create a special page to thank everyone who made the campaign possible. Depending on the number of participating organizations, we may include your logo.

when will we see your recognition page live?

The page will be live no later than January 29, 2016 and stay live for one year. 

what does the profile look like? 

We'll send you a short questionnaire to get info about and images from your organization. We'll then draft a story we know our followers will engage with and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium.

when will my profile be posted? 

Profiles will be posted on a first-come, first-served basis within calendar 2016.

i have other questions, how can I reach you? 

Via email at weare@republicofchange.com or call us at 888-687-0188.


1-888-687-0188     weare@republicofchange.com     Suite 210-218 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 1G8


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