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Remarkable people making the world a better place
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This is our world now.

We’re not waiting around for things to change. We’re going out and changing them. We’re not looking back at past mistakes. We’re looking forward to better choices. For our generation, apathy is death, action - the new prosperity.

As citizens of the world, we have tremendous power. What we choose to eat, do and buy shapes the future we want to see. It’s not governments, corporations or clicktivism that change things. It’s you and me and how we vote with our wallets.

We’re here to pioneer a new world. A better place where we, our children and grandchildren can thrive. Screw idle intentions and the status quo. We’re turning humanity’s greatest challenges into our most daring adventure.

We are the change.

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What is Republic of Change?

We’re bringing together remarkable people and extraordinary businesses to make the world a better place. We’re about to launch free iPhone and Android apps that will help our members:

  • Make better plans – Get access to a highly curated list of everything local, artisanal, organic, outdoors and all-around sustainable in your city – restaurants, activities, entertainment, shops and more.
  • Make a positive difference – Every time you eat out, go shopping or do something fun, someone in need plants a tree. You’ll be helping end extreme poverty and curb climate change just by going out – no cost to you.
  • Have fun – Changing the world is serious work but it doesn’t have to be boring. All members compete to plant the largest forest and make the biggest impact.

Step 1. Share the manifesto

Step 2. Request invitation